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Amanda Baker Wright, JD, ACC, CPCC
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Arlington, Massachusetts

(339) 707-0173

Amanda Baker Wright


Client Testimonials

Coaching creates an environment where personal direction can be examined and adjusted. It creates a system of accountability outside of family or friendship … The sessions themselves helped me evaluate different perspectives, and out of session assignments helped me continue my growth … I have less fear about trying things. I have taken concrete steps in pursuit of the life changes I’m seeking
— G.K.
My expectations [of coaching] were very vague, to be honest; I think I just knew that, especially with the birth of our second child, my life goals were getting kind of fuzzy, and it would be better to talk about and plan things with someone who wasn’t my wife and wasn’t a therapist! … [Coaching] helped me find a way to keep doing creative things while raising children and doing some work…and, it helped me figure out a way to present myself, and my [ ] diverse skill background, in a way that works more holistically and is less fractured than before.
— D.B.
I think coaching can provide an opportunity for you to talk through what’s hard for you in your transition, provide tools to help you identify what your preferred outcome would look like, and encourage you to think about your situation from different perspectives.
— M.K.
Amanda is a fantastic resource. If you are having trouble moving forward on a problem, or are feeling stuck and aren’t sure how to get going, she is a great sounding board, teammate and cheerleader for your own life goals.
— A.P.
Imagine you are lost in the dark. What would you rather have, a book of matches or a floodlight??
— L.M.
Amanda has an amazing talent for getting right to the crux of an issue, helping you to identify what is truly preventing you from reaching the goal you have set, including and perhaps most importantly, figuring out if that goal is really what you want. My initial idea of coaching was that it would help me make a plan and be accountable to that. What I find it to be was much richer than that. It helped me to identify what I truly wanted to do and why.
— L.W.
Amanda is a fantastic listener and able to concisely reflect back to you something you didn’t even realize you were saying (in a good way). She’s also thoughtful and always seems to have something to pull out from her bag of tricks when you feel a bit stuck.
— A.B.
I think that what helped me most to understand the value of coaching was the arc of experience over several sessions. I came to understand the value of what [Amanda] was doing simply by experiencing it and being open to it. I would describe coaching as a way to get to the real source of issues that are holding [you] back or seeming to create problems or blocks in [your] life. It’s not a quick fix or a band-aid to get you to the next step in your life or career, but instead hard work that is necessary for real growth.
— C.C.